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The summer season has ended  with the conclusion of the Leinster  summer camp and the finals of the teen tag run by the under 18 squad. Focus now shifts to the autumn as teams prepare to return to training.

Teen Tag

An average of 45 teenagers per night played the teen tag expertly run by Rory Hogan, Simon O'Shea. On finals night, all players  attended a bar b que  which was orgainsed and run by youth coach Dave Hogan, who fed the  entire group.  

Summer Camp
A total of 55 young players, the majority of whom had never experienced rugby previously concluded an excellent weeks camp  under the eye of  Leinster branch coaches last week. 

Tullow man Sean O'Brien, the 22 year old, who has taken Leinster rugby by storm last season and Irish international Trevor Hogan were the visiting Leinster players who signed autographs and took part in a question and answer session.

The young Kilkenny boys and girls showed their interest when they engaged in one of the best question and answer sessions of the summer as the youngsters had a barrage of questions ready for the Internationals.

The Heineken cup and the specially designed Leinster bouncy castle which incorporates kicking goals and pass targets was a great hit.

Kicking Clinic
A kicking clinic was held in Foulkestown where kicking coach Harry Sothern went through the entire repetoire of kicks with 13 Kilkenny players who play for the club, Kilkenny College and other clubs.

Harry went through the tactical application of the range of rugby kicks and the field positions and situations where they can be used as well as giving technical feedback to the kickers.

While the majority of players were accomplished in areas, none excelled in all areas and the tips and advice given were of great help.

Now it is up to the players to work on their skills and the half back sessions run by Paddy O'Driscoll over the summer have seen the group apply the lessons aimmediately.

Congratulations to Liam Phelan on making the Leinster under 19 squad. Liam has had to attend rigerous  training in Dublin  several times every  week over  the summer and follows in the footsteps of  Colm Brady our only other under 19 player.

The Leinster under 19 squad is comprised of 20 ex-schools players and 10 who have graduated from the Leinster youth system.

The interpros start in mid september and will be played on Friday nights.

Reggie Corrigan - Development squads
Following his appointment as scrum coach to Leinster rugby Reggie Corrigan visited the South East development squad last Wednesday where 8 Kilkenny players continue to attend and make good progress on the first step to representative honours.

Reggie held a one hour clinic and amazed the young players with his depth of knowledge about scrum play. The 3 Kilkenny front rowers all learned valuable lessons on srummaging.

August 2009