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Brian Cody Influences Rugby Training
Kilkenny rugby club is the latest sporting organisation to look towards Brian Cody and his coaching methods in its effort to gain promotion to Division 1 of the Leinster League. New head Coach Pat McDonald (Red) has the same philosophy as Brian Cody when it comes to success and believes the hard work is done in training, “you play as you train” stated Pat when asked of his approach. “The way you approach training is the way you approach a game. You can’t just turn it on for a game” stated Pat.

Pat, like Brian is a firm believer in honesty and work ethic. Indeed Pat and his coaching staff have completely refreshed training and the large numbers attending on Tuesday and Thursday evenings are testament to the professional approach and work ethic of the coaching team.

Pat was a late comer to rugby and, similar to Ireland and Munster prop John Hayes, only started playing rugby when he was 19. This is not the only similarity between the two as Pat spent his formidable rugby career playing prop forward in the South of France where he was highly regarded.

Pat is recognized as one of the great props to have worn the Leinster jersey and his knowledge of forward play is unsurpassed. Pat is ably assisted by Lee Selmon as forwards coach and Barry Daly as backs coach for the first team.

The second 15 are lucky to have the vastly experienced Enda Cantwell who is assisted by Joe Walsh and Paraic Treacy. Kilkenny has enjoyed a lot of success at second’s level and early indications are that we can look forward to the continued success in the coming season.

Fitness coach Eddie Sheehan has been putting the players through the paces in pre-season training and the response from the players has been fantastic. All seven coaches adopt a hands on approach and their encouragement of the players as well as high energy is very noticeable. Pat is also keen to field a 3rd team as early as possible as he views the strength of the second and third teams as being critical to the success of the firsts.

Setting goals is an important part to gaining success and Pat McDonald has only one thing in mind, promotion to Division 1. Anything short of this will be viewed as failure by Pat and his team and the message has gone out loud and clear to the players.

For any players who have been slow to return or for new players it is important to get involved without delay as the pace and intensity of training is ratcheted up. Former players or those playing with other clubs or colleges are also welcome to attend training sessions.

The addition of a number of army players has caught the eye this year and Pat’s all inclusive approach is evident in their enthusiasm for the sport. The army team played a highly competitive fixture against the Kilkenny seconds last year and the energy and vitality not to mention skill of the army team was notable.

August 2010